Frank Nyikos at his home on Lake Papakeechie in Kosciusko County near Syracuse, Indiana. Also photos of Bob Peden and Kim Kelley, and of Glenn F. Chesnut, search also under the misspellings and variants: Glenn Chesnut / Glen F. Chesnut / Glen Chesnut / Glenn F. Chestnut / Glenn Chestnut / Glen F. Chestnut / Glen Chestnut

Frank Nyikos' place on Lake Papakeechie in Syracuse, Indiana

Lake Papakeechie

Frank Nyikos' place is on Lake Papakeechie at 9065 E. Circle Drive S. just south of Syracuse, in northeastern Indiana. It is a quiet little lake, just off Indiana State Highway 13, where all motor boats are banned.

It is a place of great serenity. You can look out over the water and see ducks swimming and a great blue heron standing on its long legs in a shallow place looking for fish to spear with his beak.

Lake Papakeechie (in Syracuse, Indiana) at sunset

  Lake Papakeechie at sunset  

Frank Nyikos at Lake Papakeetchie

  Frank Nyikos coming out the door from his dining room. This is the side of the house away from the lake. Large windows on the other side look out over a short stretch of green grass and trees that leads down to the waters of the lake.  

Frank Nyikos (Syracuse IN), Bob Peden (Goshen IN), and Glenn F. Chesnut (South Bend IN) at Lake Papakeetchie

  Frank Nyikos had invited a large group of people over to eat hamburgers cooked on a charcoal grill on his porch. Frank is on the left and Glenn Chesnut is just sitting down on the right. In back (in the center) is Bob Peden from Goshen, Indiana.  

Kim Kelley visiting Frank Nyikos at Lake Papakeechie

  Kim Kelley from Syracuse sitting down on Frank's porch  

Lake Papakeechie outside Syracuse, Indiana, where Frank Nyikos lives

  Another view of Lake Papakeechie. It is so quiet and serene that all you can hear are the birds singing in the trees. You can sit out on the grassy banks for hours, and meditate and be at peace.  

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