Submarine Bill (William E. Correll) from Osceola, Indiana

  Submarine Bill (William E. Correll) from Osceola, Indiana

Osceola is a tiny town between Mishawaka and Elkhart. Since Bill retired from the Navy, he and his wife Pat have lived in a farm house on a fruit orchard just south of Osceola that used to belong to Pat's father. Bill kept the fruit orchard going for a while, but rents the land out to another farmer now.

Bill started out as an enlisted man in the Navy, serving on a mine sweeper that was sunk off the coast of Korea during the Korean war, but ended up as commander of a nuclear submarine (an attack sub which tracked Russian submarines underwater) during the Cold War era.

Glenn Chesnut (left) and Submarine Bill Correll (right) at a New Year's Eve dance in Mishawaka, Indiana

  Bill Correll (r) and Glenn F. Chesnut (l) - New Year's dance - Dec. 31, 2004  

Raymond Irving, South Bend, Indiana

  Raymond Irving from South Bend at the New Year's Eve dance  

Frank Nyikos

  Frank Nyikos from Lake Papakeechie (near Syracuse, Indiana)  

Frank Nyikos and Inge

  Frank Nyikos (and Glenn and Sue's dog Inge) sitting by the side deck of Glenn and Sue's house on Parkovash Avenue in South Bend, Indiana on a pleasant summer afternoon  

Glenn F. Chesnut and Frank Nyikos in Columbus, Indiana; Glenn's name is often mispelled as Glen F. Chesnut, Glen Chesnut, Glenn F. Chestnut, Glenn Chestnut, Glen F. Chestnut, or Glen Chestnut

  Glenn Chesnut (left) and Frank Nyikos (right) sitting at a table together in the Hospitality Room at the Indiana State Convention in Columbus, Indiana, in Spring 2005  

Steve Cox, Fairmount, Indiana

  Steve Cox singing a gospel song at his annual Backyard Bash in Fairmount, Indiana, in the summer of 2004.

Fairmount is a town of 3,100 in east central Indiana, a little north of Anderson and Muncie. This is the town that the movie star James Dean came from. He gave Steve a ride on his motorcycle when Steve was a little boy. Steve thought it was exciting, but it frightened his mother to death when she found out.

Louise Cox, Fairmount, Indiana

  Steve's wife Louise  

Steve and Louise Cox, Fairmount, Indiana

  Steve and Louise at the New Year's dance  

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