Glenn F. Chesnut: teaching at Indiana University 1970-2003, Part 2: The Later Years. Photos taken mostly in South Bend, Indiana. When doing searches, be aware of the common misspellings and variants of the name Glenn F. Chesnut : Glenn Chesnut / Glen F. Chesnut / Glen Chesnut / Glenn F. Chestnut / Glenn Chestnut / Glen F. Chestnut / Glen Chestnut / Glenn C., South Bend

Glynn H. Chesnut with grandchildren Anna Grace and Benjamin

  Glenn's mother, Glynn Hind Chesnut, at her home in Cochran, Georgia,
with Glenn's children Anna Grace and Benjamin Chesnut, around 1980.

Northside Hall at Indiana University South Bend

  The newer part of Northside Hall at Indiana University at South Bend, the part that was built shortly after Glenn F. Chesnut began teaching at this campus. On the top floor, at the corner which is closest to us in this photo, there was a small conference room. The room immediately to the left of it was Glenn's office for most of the thirty-three years he spent teaching here.

The window in this office faced west, and was high enough to see over the tops of the buildings and trees and view incredibly beautiful sunsets on many evenings. The members of the History Department and the Philosophy Department all had their offices on the west side of the top floor.

Northside Hall at Indiana University South Bend

  The fountain in the courtyard between the older part of Northside Hall and
the newer part which was built right after Glenn had started teaching there.

Prof. Glenn Chesnut a.k.a. Glenn Chestnut a.k.a. Glen Chestnut at Indiana University South Bend

  This is a photo of Glenn F. Chesnut taken at a
faculty gathering sometime in the early 1980's.

The library at Indiana University South Bend

  A photo taken on a cold, snowy day one winter. This is the new library built on the Indiana University campus at South Bend during the 1980's. The many windows light every floor, but are made out of a special glass which blocks out the parts of the sun's radiation which do the most damage to books. Jim Mullins (one of Glenn's friends) was the head librarian who supervised the design and construction of this building, which was his pride and joy.

The windows appear perfectly clear from the inside, but show a slightly green tint from the outside, so the decorative bands under the windows were deliberately done in a darker green to complement that color. The library, along with Northside Hall and most of the other buildings on campus, is faced with Bedford limestone quarried in southern Indiana.

The grassy mall at the center of the Indiana University South Bend campus

  Most of the major buildings on the Indiana University campus at
South Bend are built around the sides of this long grassy mall.

Sue Chesnut

  Glenn's wife Sue Chesnut in the early 1990's. She and Glenn began going out in March 1988, when she employed by the university as one of the two costume designers for their Theater and Drama program, and were eventually married on August 18, 1990.  

The Rev. Dr. Glenn F.Chesnut performing a wedding, First United Methodist Church, South Bend, Indiana

  A photo from 1989 or early 1990. Glenn Chesnut, in the middle, is performing the wedding ceremony for the young couple in front, at First United Methodist Church in downtown South Bend.  

Wiekamp Hall at Indiana University South Bend

  During his last few years teaching at Indiana University, Glenn's office was on the north side of the top floor of this building, Wiekamp Hall, which was built at the end of the 1990's.  

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