Some notable authors

No. 2 - Ernie Kurtz, Mel Barger, and Bill White


Ernest Kurtz, author of Not-God

Ernest Kurtz

Ernie Kurtz

Ernie Kurtz (above) sitting at Bill Wilson's desk at Wits End, the small detached structure which Bill built and used as a study after he and Lois began living at Stepping Stones in the Bedford Hills section of Katonah, New York. (If you are planning a visit, tell your GPS that the historic home is located at 62 Oak Road in Katonah, New York.)

Ernest Kurtz in South Bend in 2009

Ernest Kurtz with a cup of coffee at his right hand, photo taken when he came to Indiana (to the South Bend, Mishawaka, and Elkhart area) to speak in 2009.

Glenn Chesnut and Ernest Kurtz in 2009

A table full of people sitting down to dinner when Ernie Kurtz came to speak in Indiana in 2009. Frank Nyikos (in the plaid shirt) is at the far left. Next to him is Glenn F. Chesnut in the red shirt, then Glenn's granddaughter Eila Ehmen with a big smile on her face, and then Sam Sommers in white shirt and tie. At the end of the table on that side is Sue Chesnut in a black dress. Ernie Kurtz is on the other side of the table, at the bottom right hand corner of the snapshot.

Ernest Kurtz and William L. White

Ernest Kurtz (left) being interviewed by William L. White (right) at Ernie's home in Ann Arbor.

Ernie Kurtz

Ernie Kurtz (above) responding to one of Bill White's questions.

Linda Farris Kurtz

Linda Farris Kurtz, Ernie's wife. Now Professor Emeritus at Eastern Michigan University, she is the author of Self-Help and Support Groups: A Handbook for Practitioners (which came out in 1997) and Recovery Groups: A Guide to Leading, Creating, and Working with Groups for Addictions and Mental Health (which is in the process of being published by Oxford University Press and will appear shortly).

St. Bernard's Seminary in Rochester, New York

Ernie Kurtz, as a young man, received part of his theological training at St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Seminary (above) in Rochester, New York.

Andover Hall, Harvard Divinity School

He then went on, as a young priest, to earn a doctorate in American Studies at Harvard University, taking part of his courses at the Divinity School (the above photo shows Harvard Divinity School's Andover Hall).


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Mel Barger, primary author of Pass It On

Mel Barger was the principal author of the official biography of Bill Wilson -- Pass It On: The story of Bill Wilson and how the A.A. message reached the world -- published by the New York AA office in 1984. He also wrote:
Mel B., Walk in Dry Places (1996)
Mel B. and Bill P., The 7 Key Principles of Successful Recovery (1999)
Mel B., New Wine: The Spiritual Roots of the Twelve Step Miracle (1991)
Mel B., My Search for Bill W. (2000)
Mel B., Ebby: The Man Who Sponsored Bill W. (1998)
Mel B., 101 Meeting Starters (2007)
Mel B., Three Recovery Classics: As a Man Thinketh (by James Allen), The Greatest Thing in the World (by Henry Drummond), An Instrument of Peace (the St. Francis Prayer) 2004

Mel Barger in the Navy 1944

Mel Barger (above) in the U.S. Navy, photo taken in 1944. He served as a sailor aboard an LST (Landing Ship Tank), and carried out several landings on one of the Pacific islands until a hole was torn in the hull of his vessel.

LST (Landing Ship Tank)

An American LST (Landing Ship Tank) in the Pacific campaign during the Second World War.

LSTs (Landing Ship Tank)

Two LSTs landing on the beach in the invasion of Leyte Island during the Second World War.

Mel Barger 1963 South Pacific

Mel Barger (above) singing in a performance of the musical South Pacific in 1963.

Mel Barger as Scrooge

Mel Barger playing the role of Scrooge in an ad.

Mel Barger and his wife Lori

Mel Barger and his wife Lori. They were brought up as Missouri Synod Lutherans, the most theologically conservative variety of American Lutherans, but now belong to Unity Church (this is one of the major New Thought churches, which teaches a position similar to that taught by Emmet Fox).


For a detailed biography of William L. White see

Bill White, William L. White, 1971

William L. White (above) in 1971.

Bill White, William L. White, 1973

Bill White (above) in 1973.

painting of William L. White aka Bill White

A painting (above) of Bill White as a young man.

William L. White, Bill White

A more recent photo (above) of William L. White.

Bill White giving a talk

Bill White giving a talk.

William L. White on his 2007 Japan Lecture Tour

William L. White standing in front of a poster written in English and Japanese on his Japan Lecture Tour in 2007.

William L. White with his wife Rita in Japan in 2007

William L. White with his wife Rita in Japan in 2007.

William L. 'Bill' White and Rita, Troy and Alisha in 2010

Bill and Rita, with Troy and Alisha in 2010.

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